Frequently Asked

What is the purpose of Maverix product?
Maverix platform helps engineering and security teams to quickly implement application security tools and DevSecOps processes.
When it is a right time to implement Maverix?
When your organization has already implemented DevOps processes and is now focusing on implementation of application security practices and DevSecOps processes.
We have already implemented DevSecOps process. Do we still need Maverix platform?
You have already defined majority of your secure software engineering processes and created the required automation. Maverix platform will help you advance even further in your DevSecOps journey with better metrics and reporting. You can avoid the time and expense of writing and supporting custom automation code.
What is Maverix orchestration engine doing?
Maverix orchestration automatically creates application security pipelines and integrates them into existing DevOps processes.
What application security testing tools are supported by Maverix platform?
Maverix integrates with variety of industry leading products from Sonatype, Chackemarx, Netsparker, Wallarm, Veracode, Fortify, BlackDuck, AquaSec, Contrast Security and other vendors. Additional integrations can be added in a matter of few months.
What software engineering tools are supported by Maverix platform?
Maverix integrates with all modern software engineering tools including GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, JFrog Artifactory, Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps and works with Docker and Kubernetes containers.
Does Maverix platform provide any APIs?
Maverix platform has a wide range of APIs for a quick integration into complex software engineering environments.
Who are the primary users of Maverix?
Security engineers are the primary users of Maverix platform. CTOs and CISOs take advantage of established KPIs, metrics and progress reporting.
What are the Maverix deployment models?
Maverix is a packaged software can be installed using VMs and Docker containers in your on premises infrastructure or in your cloud environment.
We are already receiving security scan reports on a weekly basis. Do we still need Maverix platform?
Maverix replaces old fashioned reports with intelligent, end-to-end automation of security defect management process between security and engineering teams.
How can Maverix help with our PCI DSS certification?
Maverix will help you set measurable goals and track progress towards these goals. PCI DSS accessors would appreciate and value scan reports, security defects history and other security metrics. Maverix artefacts serve as evidence for your PCI DSS compliance.